Viewing Maps from the XV-11’s Point of View

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Warning: This feature seems to be missing in the current (v2.6) firmware.

Even though we’ve got the ability to make our own maps using the XV-11’s sensor and ROS, it’s nice sometimes to be able to see them from the XV-11’s point of view.

Due to the efforts of some of the guys at TrossenRobotics (thread link), the SetStreamFormat packet datastream has been partially decoded–at least to the point of being able to grab maps from a running XV-11

The source code is available on githhub here: XV-11 Stream Parser

After compilation, the code can be used to translate dumps of the XV-11 packet stream into nice 256×256 animated gifs, so you can see into the mind of the XV-11.

You can use the following command to test it out:

bin/parser -f example/Packet\ Mode\ Bathroom1\ 09-03-2011.txt

View the help (run with -h or no flags) for details on the available options.

Some examples below:

It can also show you the laser scans of the robot (though the position estimation of the robot is based on some hackish intersection code)

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