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Place any info here relating to mechanical aspects of the LIDAR.

Weight: ~195.3g

Use TE 440054-4 and TE 440054-2 for the 4-pin signal and 2-pin power connectors (thanks chenglung)

You can get free samples of these parts from TE's website

Here are 2D CAD files of the XV-11’s LIDAR unit, in mm. Thanks goes to chenglung from the trossen robotics forums:

XV-11 LDS.pdf


And here’s a 3D CAD model of the LIDAR unit. Note that I used the 2d cad files above along with my own measurements, so be warned that the following is not completely accurate. Also, I’m no CAD professional, so you won’t find much detail in the model – just enough to account for any significant design properties which may be useful to know when building the module into your own application:

XV-11 LIDAR.sldprt

XV-11 LIDAR.stl

XV-11 LIDAR.igs

XV-11 LIDAR.pdf

If anyone needs the file in some other format, just send me a request and I’ll try to help you out: ‘@’

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